We’ll Keep on Keepin’ On!

By: Denise Ryan

Since the new year started, we’ve been busy. Yes, we’ve been attending conferences, generating content and meeting with science teachers throughout the country. But, we’ve also been marching. A lot. Let’s see, it started with The Women’s March on January 21st, rolled into the March for Science on April 22nd and topped off with the People’s Climate March on April 29th.

Seems weird to be marching for science—but, OKAY. We ‘Woman-ed Up’, put on our ‘sensible shoes’, cooked-up clever phrases for homemade signs and gave up weekends. Why? Because if we don’t, the world may become an intolerable place for our children.

Maybe it’s not so bad to get together and remind one another why these things are so important. Our team spent some time ‘debriefing’ and sharing impressions of the marches we attended. And, collectively asked ourselves why it’s so important to demonstrate: “Because it’s the way I have looked at the world since I can remember. DUH!” “Because we must send a loud message to our misguided Representatives!” “Because it’s important that our children see us stand up for basic human rights.” “Because we wouldn’t be here having this conversation without science!”

Whether it’s for women, science or our precarious climate, what it really comes down to is our strong support for independent, critical thinking. We won’t sit back and watch advancements in education, technology, human rights and the environment be jeopardized. We won’t be told what we should believe. The decisions we make that impact our future WILL BE based upon facts, data, experience and TRUTH!