Where We'll Be

Please join us! We love meeting science educators.

MARCH 4, 2017

Monterey Bay Science & Math Projects 2017 STEM Winter Conference at University of California Santa Cruz. This annual event is aimed at reaching out to K-12 classrooms teachers, preservice teachers, math and science leads and administrators.

MARCH 25, 2017

The California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education presents the 2017 Statewide Conference: “The Next Generation," March 24 –26, 2017 at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda, CA.

MARCH 30 – APRIL 2, 2017

National Science Teachers Association Conference / LA

Every year we have the pleasure of meeting with science teachers from all over the country at this extraordinary conference. For the past 3 years we’ve had the added pleasure of presenting at correlated MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE where hundreds of middle school science teachers share support and information at a very fun gathering.

The Story of the Shape of Life

A group of passionate marine biologists had a wild dream. We wanted to share with others the incredible diversity of animals that live in the ocean. So we jumped at an opportunity to produce a high quality PBS series about those marine animals we so loved. When all was said and done, this became the dramatic story of the rise of the entire animal kingdom.

After the series aired, we didn’t want those stories sitting on a shelf forgotten. They deserved to be freely available to all interested. Shape of Life was born. When you share something you love, you give it freely. You shouldn’t charge people to watch the greatest show on earth, a show in which we are all an intricate part.

When Shape of Life partners with NOVA, it's an EVOLUTION LAB!

photo of a basketstar

NOVA just launched their new online game for exploring the history of life on earth-- and, they asked Shape of Life, along with the National Center for Science Education, Khan Academy, UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology and Cornell Lab of Ornithology to join forces in bringing an interactive digital tree of life game. NOVA's Evolution Lab contains two major components: