Shape of Life offers FREE classroom videos depicting the evolution of the animal kingdom on planet earth. Students and educators from all over the world explore animal adaptation, animations, and behaviors along with the amazing scientists who bring their stories to life. We also offer a rich selection of NGSS materials including lesson plans, readings, illustrations and activities that inspire a deeper dive into the phyla that explain so much of our existence.


Sponge Up this Absorbing Shape of Life Video!

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Sponges Filter: Feeding Made Visible Preview from Shape of Life on Vimeo.


We’ve Got Your TREE OF LIFE Right Here!

Hot off the presses!

We asked our friend, Ray Troll, to create a new animal Tree of Life, and he certainly delivered. Now you can get your own print of Ray’s latest rendition -- sent directly to you.

Each art poster is individually signed by Ray.

And!... if you happen to be attending the National Marine Educators Association conference in Long Beach on July 16 - 19, 2018 you have a chance to win a FREE Tree of Life poster! Stand by for more details!