Annelid in the ocean


Annelid Videos


  • Annelids: Powerful and Capable Worms


  • Annelid Animation: Body Plan


  • Annelids: Lumbricus, Earthworm
  • Annelids: Leeches
  • Annelids: Abarenicola, Burrowing Worm
  • Annelids: Diopatra, Tube-Dwelling Worm
  • Annelids: Terrebellid, Spaghetti Worm


  • Damhnait McHugh, Ecologist: Annelid Ecology

General Info

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Role in Ecosystem

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Human Interaction

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    Lesson Plan
    Annelids: Powerful and Capable Worms
    A list of questions with an emphasis on adaptations to use after viewing the video Annelids: Powerful and Capable Worms  

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    Annelids: Not Lowly, Lovely
    Annelids are impressively adapted animals that live in every habitable niche on earth except the sky.

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    Annelids: The Next Segment, an Explosion of Life
    What i like doing the most is actually getting out, getting down, getting dirty in the mud with the worms themselves. Getting out there whether it's pouring rain, whether it's a low tide at dawn, I don't care. I just like to be out there with the worms, seeing them in their own habitat.

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