Fossil Sites

Cambrian Explosion fossil sites are found around the world.

The Burgess Shale is a rock formation in British Columbia. The Burgess shale was the first place scientists found fossils from this important event. The most famous middle Cambrian fossil site where Cambrian fossils were first discovered is in Yolo National Park. Shape of Life has an article about the Burgess shale.

Take an interpretive hike of the Burgess Shale site and its fossils.





A fossil site in a different Canadian park in the same Burgess shale rock formation as the one in Yolo Park has yielded new fossils and evidence that Cambrian fossils are found worldwide.

Fossil site
This video about paleontologists in the field gives you a feeling for the spectacular terrain.




In 2019 in China a fossil site was discovered with a treasure trove of exquisitely preserved Cambrian animals.

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