Paleontology: Paleontologists Study Fossils


A single location, the Burgess Shale, in the Canadian Rockies has revealed thousands of fossils that tell a story of an ancient explosion of animal life, called the Cambrian Explosion.  

Dr. Jenny Clack studies a single fossil tetrapod that reveals the details of how the vertebrates could have transitioned from life in the ocean to life on land.

Next Generation Science Standards for this Video

Fossils provide evidence for an evolutionary explosion of animal life. This Cambrian explosion is a significant event in the history of animal life. Fossils vertebrates provide evidence for their invasion of land.

Fossil evidence from the Burgess Shale provides an explanation of ancient life in the Cambrian era and its significant connection to modern animal life.

When paleontologists study ancient life, they assume that the patterns of natural systems operating then and now are the same.

Paleontologist have keen observation and analytical skills both in the lab and in the field.