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Terrestrial Arthropods

Terrestrial Arthropod Videos


  • Terrestrial Arthropods: The Conquerors


  • Arthropod Animation: Swiss Army Knife
  • Arthropod Animation: Scorpion Book Gills
  • Arthropod Animation: Millipede Breathing Tubes


  • Arthropods: Dragonfly Larva Hunts Newt
  • Arthropods: Dragonfly Metamorphosis


  • Bill Shear, Biologist: How Arthropods Left the Sea
  • Arthropod Locomotion: Engineering

General Info

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Role in Ecosystem

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Human Interaction

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    Lesson Plan
    Let's All Do The Wave
    This lesson consists of a cross disciplinary activity incorporating aspects of wave characteristics from Physics, movement traits from Biology, and evaluating locomotion design from Engineering. Students can be introduced to the idea by showing the video Arthropod Locomotion: Engineering from the or other videos of animals that exhibit wave-like characteristics during motion. Class discussion can begin by analyzing the necessity to move efficiently and how moving in a wave-like manner could be beneficial.

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    Terrestrial Arthropods: Bold Explorers!
    Arthropods were the first animals to venture out of the sea onto land all over the earth.

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    Terrestrial Arthropods: The Conquerers Come Ashore
    Life's transition from sea to the land was perhaps as much of an evolutionary challenge as genesis. What forms of life were able to make such a drastic change in lifestyle?

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