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Chordate Videos


  • Chordates: We’re All Family


  • Human Body Plan
  • Chordate Animation: Amphioxus to Vertebrate Body Plan


  • Jenny Clack, Paleontologist: The First Vertebrate Walks on Land

General Info

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Role in Ecosystem

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Human Interaction

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    Lesson Plan
    The Secrets of Fossils
    In this lesson students make connections between fossils and modern day organisms. Using the information about the Cambrian Explosion, they explore theories about how and why organisms diversified. Students hypothesize what evidence might be helpful to connect fossil organisms to modern organisms to show evolutionary connections. Students use three videos from

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    Blue Tunicates
    Chordates: This Is Us
    The chordate phylum includes both invertebrates (without backbones) and vertebrates (with backbones).

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    Chordates: The Voyage to Us Bones, Brawn, and Brains
    "Humanity is exalted, not because we are so far above every other living creature, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life." - E.O. Wilson, Biophilia

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