Annelids and Climate Change

Serpulids live in calcium carbonate tubes that often create reefs that are important habitat for other animals. Since their reefs are vulnerable to ocean acidification, there could be profound impacts from climate change. 

Earthworms are sensitive to heat and moisture and will probably be adversely affect by global warming.

Earthworm activity in the soil both stores and releases carbon. But a mega study compiling hundreds of different studies finds that they might contribute to climate change. Also As earthworms invade northern forests and devour the leaf litter, they may accelerate global warming. 

General Info

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Role in Ecosystem

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Human Interaction

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    Lesson Plan
    Annelids: Powerful and Capable Worms
    A list of questions with an emphasis on adaptations to use after viewing the video Annelids: Powerful and Capable Worms  

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