NOTHING Dampens the Spirit of a Science Teacher!

​With all the wacko news lately, I wasn’t sure what the vibe was going to be at the National Science Teachers Conference in Atlanta.

What I discovered was that even a downpour from the ceiling at the convention center couldn't dampen the mood. In fact, as we were ushered from the exhibit hall floor for a 3.5 hour wait while they fixed the air conditioning leak-- I saw more smiles and laughter and new friendships being forged than anything else.

We talk a lot about adaptation here at Shape of Life. Science teachers certainly illustrate this concept. Over the course of 4 days we were able to talk with lots of teachers and most shared that they feel it’s an even more important time to 'hang tough' for science education. And, believe me, based upon the energy we experienced from science teachers we have no doubt science education will prevail. 

In addition to sharing Shape of Life’s new content, Tree of Life posters, moon walks and interviewing teachers – we also got to have an insanely fun afternoon at Meet Me in the Middle. Hundreds of middle school science teachers stopped by to learn about Shape of Life and share how they are currently using it in their classrooms. We caught up with our friends at NOVA, Science Friday and met lots of new ones like Science Matters and Galapogos in a Box. I always feel a lot of pride representing Shape of Life—I mean, it’s hard not to feel this when you’re giving away such an amazing FREE service to science teachers. The appreciation and enthusiasm science teachers show gets me every single time I attend NSTA.

It was a blast to meet you all in Atlanta. My take away is that science teachers will have FUN no matter what crazy stuff is thrown at them.  Maybe you science-y types keep an open mind to possibilities as result of all that experimenting.  

Whatever it is, we DIG IT! And, we’re committed to standing up for science every step of the way with you.

#scienceteachersrock!  #adaptationinaction!  #everything’smorefunwithscienceteachers!

See you next year!