Carbonated Communities - Student Edition

This series of two lessons utilizes current scientific research (by Dr. Josh Lord and Dr. Jim Barry) on the effects of climate change and carbon pollution on communities in the intertidal. Much research before this focused on individual species.

In this first lesson, students watch a video depicting a predator-prey relationship and then consider challenges to ocean animals. Then through a combination of a presentation and a video, they are introduced to climate change/carbon pollution’s effect on the ocean (ocean acidification and temperature increase) and what is known about how ocean organisms are affected. Students then examine the behavior, growth and interactions of four species that comprise a community in a healthy intertidal ecosystem (and are the subject of the investigation).

In the next lesson, students examine data from
the scientists’ research using the “identify and
interpret (I2)” method developed by BSCS
science learning. They end by constructing an
explanation about effects of climate change/carbon pollution (lower pH and higher temperature) on a community of intertidal species.