When Shape of Life partners with NOVA, it's an EVOLUTION LAB!

NOVA just launched their new online game for exploring the history of life on earth-- and, they asked Shape of Life, along with the National Center for Science Education, Khan Academy, UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology and Cornell Lab of Ornithology to join forces in bringing an interactive digital tree of life game. NOVA's Evolution Lab contains two major components:

  • Build A Tree: Players build phylogenetic trees themed around the evidence of evolution including fossils, biogeography and similarities in DNA. Players use both morphology and analysis of DNA sequences to identify relationships between species and organize species and traits into phylogenetic trees.
  • Deep Tree:  Players explore an interactive tree of life and trace the shared ancestry of numerous species. Deep Tree helps players understand the scope of deep time and the points at which speciation occurred throughout the evolutionary history of Life on Earth.

Like Shape of Life, the Evolution Lab meets the need in science education for engaging FREE digital resources that address evidence of evolution and how we got here. Educators also receive complementary online resources to assist in assessments and understanding of students.

Shape of Life and NOVA are dedicated to providing FREE online STEM education/advocacy for organizations to promote a lifetime of learning.

Please play for yourself at:

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