Phylum Mollusca: Macroevolution Module

In general, these lessons use an “explore-before-explain” pedagogy, in which students make and interpret observations for themselves as a prelude to formal explanations and the cultivation of key scientific concepts.  There are exercises in inquiry and the scientific process using authentic data, where students are pressed to think at higher cognitive levels.  Instruction is organized around three unifying themes – the macroevolutionary patterns of divergence, convergence, and coevolution – and students learn to interpret diverse biological examples of these patterns.

This module comprises four lessons.  Each is written so that it can be used either as a stand-alone lesson, or as a piece in a longer unit.  Logistics and other details for each lesson are provided in separate instructor’s guides.  To do the full unit, follow this sequence:

1. Snips and Snails and Gastropod Tails
2. Shell-Shocked
3. “The Oyster: A Not-So-Typical Mollusc
4. “Life in the Fast Lane: From Hunted to Hunter

These lessons were created by Kevin Goff, Virginia Institute of Marine Science educator.