Cristina Diaz, Taxonomist: Sponge Biology


Cristina Diaz describes her work as a taxonomist. She dives in Indonesia to study her favorite animal—the sponge. Conducting an experiment to see how fast a sponge filters, she injects a colored dye into the water. The results amaze her. She takes a sample to the lab to observe the cells under a microscope.

Next Generation Science Standards for this Video

The structure of the sponge’s body is adapted to pump large quantities of water through it to obtain food.

Cristina Diaz conducts an experiment underwater on how sponges pump water through their bodies.

Cristina Diaz scuba dives to study sponges in the field and uses a microscope in the lab to study their cells.

Scientist in this video

When I encounter a sponge, I'm just in awe. They're just so different you cannot stop yourself from asking, "What are you? What do you do? What do you eat?" -- Cristina Diaz