Carbon and the Ocean

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is taken up by the ocean. In fact, scientists estimate that about 45% of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans has been absorbed by the ocean. What happens to it in the ocean?

Medicines from Sponges

We have so many drugs to help with our aches and pains and illnesses. Where did those drugs come from? Until recently, most of our early drugs were derived from plants. When scientists search for possible useful products from plants, animals and microorganisms it’s called bioprospecting. In recent decades, marine scientists have been looking at natural compounds from the immense diversity of marine animals as a source of potential new medicines.





By Nancy Burnett and Natasha Fraley

Talk About Adaptation!

When the Going Gets Tough, (Science) Teachers Get GOING!

I marvel at science teachers on any given day, but their adaptability when COVID 19 first struck - spinning us into the multilayered spiral of anxiety-  has me gobsmacked.  




By Denise Ryan 

Midway Memories

Imagine being half way across the Pacific ocean on a tiny island with two million birds. That’s what I did in February just before the world locked down and the atoll closed to visitors. We were so lucky to have the chance to visit this amazing place. It was a chance in a life time for me,  and what a memory I now have as I sequester at home!

By Nancy Burnett, Founder of Shape of Life