Got Water? YES WE DO!

-By Nancy Burnett

California is leaping for joy with all the water we received this winter.  Our ponds are full of water just waiting for our amphibian friends.

I love visiting my favorite ponds to see what’s going on. In March the Western toads were already gathering. We could hardly drive at night there were so many crossing the road heading to the water.

The Best Shape of Life Presenters are TEACHERS!

Presenting never fails to be a learning experience for us.

What’s better than spending a blustery Saturday in Santa Cruz? Spending it with science and math teachers at the Monterey Bay Science and Monterey Bay Math Projects (MBAMP) Winter STEM Conference!

My colleague, Natasha, and I had the enviable opportunity of presenting Shape of Life to teachers from our 

Our Oceans: The Frontier for Curious Minds

By Nancy Burnett, Founder, Shape of Life

I just went to a wonderful workshop about plankton. We may as well fess up to the fact that there’s a whole world out there in the ocean that we haven't told you about, yet. Most marine animals that we know and love started out in life looking very different from what they look like as adults.

At the beginning of life, they hatch out of eggs that float in the water or are attached to the bottom of the ocean. The tiny larvae feed, grow and change form in the ocean as part of the zooplankton. These fragile, otherworldly creatures swim or drift in the currents for months at a time before settling to the bottom to change into adults.